CHS Links with Malawi

Malawi Health and Education Project

Ms Sneddon writes

On 31st March 2014 the SMP held its first ever Youth Congress. 200 young people from across Scotland including our pupils gathered together to discuss, celebrate, debate and strengthen their links with their friends in Malawi. To see the video Click Here.

The Malawi Connection group meets every Friday lunchtime to plan organise and evaluate Malawi fundraising initiatives which are taking place in Coatbridge High School and the local community. Approximately 30 pupils from S4-S6 attend these meetings which shows their commitment to such an important cause.

The events are organised to raise funds to support the partnership agreement which has been established between Luchenza Community Day Secondary School, in Malawi, and Coatbridge High School.

Each year a selection of senior pupils visit Malawi to work with our link school. Emphasis is placed on working with the Girls Go for Health group which has been established in Luchenza CDSS. Funding has been provided by Coatbridge High School to allow the Girls Go for Health group to carry out their meaningful work in Malawi. The role of the Girls Go for Health group in Luchenza CDSS is to support girls through education and to encourage gender equality. The Girls Go for Health group provide workshops on sensitive issues such as personal hygiene, sexual health and discrimination faced by girls in Malawi.

In addition to this, a great deal of work is carried out in the local community when we are on our visit. The group visits hospitals, prisons and work with people at grass roots level to alleviate poverty. This year we have our largest group of representatives visiting Malawi on 10th June 2014, which includes 6 S5 pupils and 2 members of staff. For last years visit Click Here.

The following events have taken place this academic year to raise the profile of the Malawi connection group and support the June 2014 visit to Malawi. Pupils take a leading role when organising these events and give up their own time to produce and distribute materials when required. A total of £10,000 has been raised this year to date.

Well done Coatbridge High School!