School Information

Coatbridge High School and Rosehall High School have now merged. The new school building opened on the 20th October 2008.

Coatbridge High School is non-denominational co-educational comprehensive school. The school serves the whole of the town of Coatbridge and other outlying areas.

One of our aims is that our pupils should develop a leisure interest and to that end the school runs a number of extra-curricular activities during lunch break and after school. All of our extra-curricular activities are run on a voluntary basis by staff, parents are also involved from time to time and their participation is greatly appreciated.

We are always glad to see parents as we believe that the home-school partnership can only be successful if there is good communication between staff and parents. In addition to formal meetings, there are special events such as concerts to which parents are invited.

The school has strong links with our local community in many ways. The community uses the school as a local resource by hiring its facilities through community education lets and by attending some daytime classes as adult students. In addition, our pupils and staff regularly support local and national charities by collecting for them, both within the school and in street collections.

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The school is located close to the Education Authority Headquarters. Our new accommodation offers us a bright, modern environment and consists of:

30 classrooms, general teaching area, 4 technical rooms, 4 art rooms, 6 business education /computing rooms, 9 science labs, drama studio, 3 home economics food rooms, library, 3 music rooms, 8 music practice rooms, 3 gymnasia, games hall, fitness/dance studio, assembly hall, dining/social area, medical suite, conference room, staff and visitors' car parks, staff common room.

The new building provides excellent facilities for disabled pupils & staff.

We also have outdoor facilities located within Dunbeth Park across the road from the school building.

Primary Schools

There are 10 primary schools presently in the Coatbridge High cluster, although we have pupils from other primaries due to placing requests.

Our cluster primaries are listed below:

  • Bargeddie Primary
  • Carnbroe Primary
  • Glenboig Primary
  • Greenhill Primary
  • Kirkshaws Primary
  • Langloan Primary
  • Old Monkland Primary
  • Shawhead Primary
  • Sikeside Primary
  • Townhead Primary

Transfer & Enrolment

All pupils attending our associated primary schools automatically transfer to Coatbridge High as long as they live in a street zoned for the High School. In such cases parents need take no special action. If you are in doubt about whether you live in a street zoned for this school you can check with your Primary School Head Teacher.

If you do not live in the catchment area for this school, it is still possible for your child to attend Coatbridge High provided the school is not full. To do this you would have to make a Placing Request by 28 February in the year concerned. The appropriate form can be obtained from Primary Head Teachers or from the Education Offices.

Parents who move into the area during a term should telephone the school to make arrangements for their child's enrolment.

We aim to make the transfer from Primary School as smooth as possible. This is how we do that:-

  • Primary Head Teachers meet Head Teacher, Depute Head Teacher S1/2 and Transition teachers regularly to discuss links, exchange information and make arrangements for P7 events.
  • P7 Quiz held in Coatbridge High usually in October.
  • Handbook issued in December.
  • Newsletter issued twice a year to P7 pupils.
  • In March/April Head Teacher, Depute Head Teacher S1/2 and transition team meet P7 pupils and their parents in the Primary School.
  • In May/June parents of P7 pupils are invited to CHS to see the work of the school.
  • Pupil Support staff talk to parents at that meeting to give information about their role.
  • P7 pupils spend 2 days at CHS in June following a typical S1 timetable.
  • DHT S1/2 makes follow-up visits to answer questions and allay fears.
  • P7 Sports held at Langloan Track.
  • A number of departments liaise with primary schools.