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The Archive contains 3500 hours of film footage and 12,000,000 still images of key social history, sport and entertainment events from 1896 to 1970. A rich source of material for many subject areas in the curriculum, the Archive can be used by young people in exciting and innovative ways to create materials which demonstrate their own understanding of a given issue. British Pathe

Pupils of all year groups are encouraged to view information online to help them while studying History. The following websites are useful to begin with:

BBC Bitesize National and Higher

GSCE Bitesize

S1/2 Homework


S3/4 Homework

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S5/6 Homework

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Appeasement 1


Appeasement 2


Appeasement 3


Appeasement 4


Appeasement 5


Appeasement 6


Britain in 1900




Labour Reforms


Liberal reforms




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